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Can I testify?

March 19th, 2021 - May 31st, 2021

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The SecretariES

The underground collaborative, wi

June, 2016

Character Patty Johnson narrates her time spent as a secretary at Cooney
Lumber Mill in Big Bone Oregon. At first all is well, but Patty Johnson isn’t stupid!
She begins to notice the odd customs of her fellow secretaries and their cult like
obsession for office manager Susan Curtis, who is only the most beautiful and
powerful Secretary in the world!

Written by:

The Five Lesbian Brothers


Cari Dulan, Kristin Johnson, Amanda Eaton, Madeleine Wakley, and Amy Hansmann

Design and Production Team:

Director: Tessara Morgan

Stage Manager: Tessara Morgan

Light Designer: Colin Gawronski and Tessara Morgan

Set Designer: Luke Farley

Sound Designer: Tessara Morgan

Marketing: Luke Farley and Tessara Morgan

Photos are stills taken from video by Nathan Danzer

Credits: Team Members
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