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Can I testify?

March 19th, 2021 - May 31st, 2021

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July, 2022
Mercury Theatre, Baltimore

Tina the squid is miserable in her life as a sea creature who is forced to wear a human suit by her neurotic husband, Tim. After revealing her squiddy self to BFF Teensy, the two hatch a plot to get Tina the heck outta Squidsbury.

Written by Chad Short


Dorian Elie, J Purnell Hargrove, Bobby Henneberg, Shana Herndon, Maria Ortiz-Marquez, O'Malley Steuerman, and Caitlin Weaver


David Brasington, Isaiah Harvey, and Jess Rassp

Design and Production Team:

Director: Tessara Morgan 

Stage Manager: Jordan Cahoon

Costume Designer: Amelia Karolcik

Light Designer: Eric Nightengale

Set Designer: Luke Farley

Sound Design: Tessara Morgan & Chad Short

Props Master: Tessara Morgan

Puppet Designers/Builders: David Brasington & Tessara Morgan

Puppet Design Consultants: Jess Rassp & Jeff Miller

Fight ChoreographyGerrad Taylor

Intimacy ConsultantBahar Baharloo

Photo credit: Dave Iden

Credits: Team Members
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