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A Collection of plays

september-october, 2021
inadequate lighting, baltimore

Our first playwright festival centered on the theme of immortality. 

A collection of plays written by:

Molly Shayna Cohen, Tatiana Nya Ford, Lauren Davis, Megan Livingston, Chad Short, Elizabeth Ung, Aladrian C. Wetzel


Molly Shayna Cohen, Lauren Davis, Dorian Elie, Griffin DeLisle, J P Hargrove, Libbey Kim, Megan Livingston, Shaquille Stewart, Aladrian C Wetzel

Design and Production Team:

Directors: Oli Brann, Molly Shayna Cohen, Lauren Davis, Megan Livingston, Sim Rivers, Elizabeth Ung, Aladrian C. Wetzel 

Stage Manager: Tessara Morgan

Assistant Stage Manager: NJ Saroff

Light Designer: Luke Farley

Sound Engineers: Tessara Morgan, Molly Shayna Cohen

Marketing: Tessara Morgan

Photo credit: Dave Iden

Credits: Team Members
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