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Can I testify?

March 19th, 2021 - May 31st, 2021

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Close Your Eyes and Sleep
March, 2020
Mercury Theatre, Baltimore


In the near future, it rains all the time, journalists are disappearing, and hypnotherapy can help you erase the past. Welcome. Close Your Eyes and Sleep follows a small family of friends who, through time and space, have found themselves in the middle of a national crisis. History is trauma. But is it as easy as they say it is to forget?

Written by AJ Clauss​

Mecury Theater, Baltimore


Dave Iden, Jamil Johnson, Megan Livingston, Martha Robichaud, and Chad Short

Design and Production Team:

Director: Tessara Morgan 

Stage Manager: NJ Saroff

Light Designer and Sound Engineer: Patrick McMinn

Set Designer: Luke Farley

Sound Design: Tessara Morgan

Photo credit: Dave Iden

Credits: Team Members
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