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Can I testify?

March 19th, 2021 - May 31st, 2021

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Lyra and the
ferocious beast

august, 2023
the voxel, Baltimore

Isolated on the planet Minerva, Lyra is desperately seeking for a magical gemstone that will grant her wish for penance. She is kept company by her adopted sigma jupiaryllis and her android, Hattie. Soon the three realize that they are not alone... there is an evil lurking in the shadows, searching for Lyra and hunting the coveted gemstone. 

Written by Tatiana Nya Ford


David Brasington, J Purnell Hargrove, Isaiah Harvey, Mecca Verdell, and Caitlin Weaver


Alex Mungo and Francesco Leandri

Design and Production Team:

Director: Tessara Morgan Farley

Stage Manager: Ellie Skoda

Dramaturg: Jordan Ealey

Costume Designer: Elizabeth Dunlap

Costume Technician: Sarah Leiva

Light Designer: Eric Nightengale

World Builder: Luke Farley

Sound Design: Mark Navarro

Projection Designer: Chris Uehlinger

Puppet Designer/Builder: Madeline Baynard

Puppet Design Consultants: Jess Rassp

Fight ChoreographyGerrad Alex Taylor

Assistant Stage Manager: Fay McNair

Board Operator & FOH Coordinator: Jordan Cahoon

Photo credit: Chris Ashworth and Dave Iden

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Credits: Team Members
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