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Truepenny was founded in 2016 as a pop-up theatre company in Milwaukee, WI. At the time, our company was envisioned as vehicle for its founders’ artistic output. In 2017 Truepenny moved to Baltimore along with two of its original members, Luke and Tessara. Following a short hiatus, we produced the new play Close Your Eyes and Sleep by AJ Clauss, only to be cancelled due to the global pandemic.


It was during the following year of quarantine that we redefined Truepenny and our core purpose. As contemporary artists, our passion lies in creating opportunities for other artists. We started by asking ourselves: if we have been successful producing our own art, why not do that for others in the Baltimore community? 

The core purpose of Truepenny Projects is to collaborate with contemporary artists to create vital artistic experiences. We are committed to the production of new works of art through a wide range of media, meaning we produce new work for the stage as well as the gallery space. Truepenny is devoted to promoting new artists because they are the people exposing the stories of what it means to be a human in this moment. 

About TP Projects: CV

Tessara Morgan


Initially from Minnesota, Morgan is a freelance theater director. She has worked in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Baltimore.


Luke Felix Farley


Farley grew up on the East Coast. He is a painter, a curator, and an educator.

Creating vital artistic experiences within our community. 


Just like Blue Tape, Truepenny Projects is multi-purpose, multi-surface, ephemeral, and on the edge.​​

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2023 Advisory Board

Matthew Johnson, Timo Kuzme, Gerrad Taylor, and Aladrian C Wetzel

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We are always looking for projects!


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