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Can I testify?

a virtual narrative

Like can we say something?

And just know that if we talk too much,

it's just because we have a lot to say.

As creators of complex interactions,

we stay imagining.

And with the world's eyes unseeingly watching,

we are still expected to pray.

And even in this chaos,

we continue to deliver sermons,

but why do we need to preach?

Use our culinary skills with words,

color, rhythm, sound, voice, or even ink,

and I still have to think, is my truth

within your conscious reach?

We act as orators of the world we live in, 

and yet we hardly speak. Though our

internal dialogues become most

prolific reflections turned divine creations,

truth remains what we aim to seek. 

So listen and pay attention,

for the miracle of the day,

is that you can't help but witness

the many truths that we have to say.

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